Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Interesting... April 2015

A common toilet. 
Get ready to squat & always carry TP plus sanitizer! 

Did you know if you put your slightly smelly clothes in the freezer it kills bacteria and bad smells?!

Why we froze clothes! Hand washing everything in a bucket- 
not fun!

Giant birds eating lots of garbage. No trash pick up so garbage is burned. Thankfully this was not a common site. Usually the trash hills are much smaller and more hidden.

"Niki" means "what is" in the local language Runyankore.  
It's just meant to be! =)

People up top, cows below! 

Random Shots From April 2015 Uganda

 Uganda equator. Many think because it's on the equator it's super hot. But it's actually very cool many days. In Mbarara- the 50's (F) at night, & never higher than 80 in daytime.  Plus low humidity, unlike our home Florida. We like =)

A Niki creation because we were nervous to eat anything else our first trip. Tuna & rice topped with potato chips! 

Some new lil friends. 

 Ah Mbarara, the beautiful walk home from the ministry.

Big money!.... not really, it's only like $30 US dollars. 

Photos- By Steven

Watch your step!

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses- Kampala Uganda

Kingdom Hall- Mbarara Uganda

One eye closed, whole heart open... - By Niki

 Cautious optimism is called for when heading into a new territory. You really don't know what you'll find or if you'll like it. I just knew I was going to try to... 

 What a view.

A nice daily send off from Sniper the guard dog!

A field ripe for harvesting.

First Trip- April 7th 2015- By Niki

As our plane descends I am enchanted by the beauty. Lake Victoria even from the sky seems as big as ocean as I see no end. The sunlight sparkles across the gray blue water and highlights the many islands. Birds in mid-flight remind me of the endless animal life that must inhabitant these waters. The pilot lands the plane down easily and my heart flutters in excited anticipation as I think of the adventure that awaits us.

As we file out of the plane into the airport I see the local people busy at work yet in no rush. Easy come easy go, their skin black as night glows in the brightness of the sun. After trekking through the monotonous procedures of airport customs we emerge from the airport and are greeted by a tall thin man with a big smile holding a Watchtower magazine. By this we know; this is our brother, although we didn't need the magazine to identify him. Funny how you can just tell. Never have we met yet there is the instant trust and friendship we experience from our brotherhood.  We load into his van and off we buzz through the busy roads into the capital city Kampala.

People are everywhere. Small children play on makeshift playgrounds in the multitudes of school yards we pass by. Men and women cross the roads seemingly unaffected by the hectic commotion. Motor bike's weave and whizz through the traffic quickly and fearlessly. There are marked traffic lines, yet I don't see why since no one seems to obey them. Goats, cows and chickens graze the side of the road unrestrained. We cruise across the bumpy roads passing these wonders then embark into the busy city of Kampala.

Finally we arrive to our living quarters for the next few days. We climb the stairs with luggage in tote to a third floor apartment and are greeted at the door by more spiritual family. They invite us in to their basic yet cozy home and show us to our room. A mosquito net drapes the bed. I always wanted a canopy bed. It's almost romantic. I peer out the window into the booming neighborhood.  Rolling hills with staggered tin roofed clay colored homes set the backdrop. Red dust is kicked and flicked into the air with smoky grassy smells. People going about their simple yet complex daily lives. Women dressed in skirts and dresses washing clothes in small buckets and hanging them to dry on the lines.  More children and babies having their daily imaginative adventures. Men working while conversing in groups. The numerous noises are amplified by the tile floors in the room. Shouting talking, laughing, babies crying,  goats bleating birds squawking, horns honking, music singing and more noises my ears playfully distinguish. This is daily life here. This is Uganda.  

Tuesday, May 12, 2015