Wednesday, April 26, 2017



Today is full of blessings, so much to count
Many are priceless, they're worth no amount
Others are tiny but precious indeed
People will fail to notice, but will we take heed?

Let's stop and appreciate what we have right now
Some self reflection is the key to how... 
How to have joy, when things seem bleak
We have so much more, if we would just think...

Do you have a bed to sleep in, a place to rest your head?
How about something to eat, even a little bread?
Do you have safe water to drink and to clean? 
Do you have the freedom to speak, and say what you mean?

Some sleep in the dirt, cold and afraid
Their empty bellies ache, tired bodies in pain
They have no help, no one to provide
In their despair, all their tears have been cried

But still when they wake they find reasons for smiles
There hearts are still beating through all of the trails
And they can have joy because they know the key
The key is to stop and just think...

We're all fighting a war, sometimes it's within
Some battles are full force, some are pretend
But if we just realize the blessings we possess
We could win the war, we can have that success

Because happiness isn't only a result, it is a choice
Use your power of reason, use your voice
Let's think, appreciate, let's pray
Stop, take the time, count the blessings today


So, I said it would be awhile before I would write again because I just didn't think I'd have a lot to say. However, I realize I missed blogging so much because it's a therapeutic outlet for me. Not to mention, surprisingly, some people still want to read what I write, and I appreciate that. So I can't promise it will be as interesting as our time in Africa, but nonetheless I'll still write at least on a monthly basis. It's like I've changed writing genres. I'm going from like epic adventure writing, to essays and personal narrative.

We've been feeling much more positive as of late. We have abundant reasons for smiling. Digging back in to the ministry here has been healing. Jehovah has blessed us with some lovely Bible studies. When we have them longer, I'll share more. We still continue to conduct a few studies with people in Uganda via the internet. They live hours from the nearest group so till they can get closer we're enjoying being able to help them still. 

It's a funny thing when you're used to always moving in a forward motion, busy busy busy, and then you're suddenly forced to just sit still... Sitting still is difficult for us. We're already talking about the next adventure. I thought I'd appreciate the downtime more, that I'd be so happy to have suit cases unpacked, no pending trips in the queue. Ha! Hardly! But I should take my own advice. (Not really my advice, someone else said it first, I just repeat it.) 
"We're all flowers in the garden of Jehovah, we can't always change where we are planted, so we must learn to thrive in the soil we're currently rooted in..." 
I haven't even gotten roots yet and I'm ready to move! So I daily pray for modesty and a realistic view point. I know it will come in time. And I'm not unhappy where we are. I'm just used to such a BIG, FULL life. This life can also be full, I just need to give it a chance. See what I mean about therapeutic writing? I just worked all that out for myself!