Sunday, May 1, 2016

the only and only...

About 6 weeks ago I began studying the Bible with two little Sudanese girls, sisters who are 9 and 10 years old. From the start I could see the great potential. They both read so well, ask lots of questions and always prepare for their studies. Along with that they started attending Bible meetings at the kingdom hall right away on their own. Needless to say I got attached and just love them. Then the news came Saturday; they're moving. First to a refugee camp in Kampala and then later to South Sudan. We haven't heard any official report, but rumor has it the horrific civil war in South Sudan is over. Because of that many refugees plan to return soon to be reunited with their families. Let's just really pray and hope the rumors are true, and no one is returning to danger! The girls wrote me these lovely letters. I think they speak for themselves. I corrected their spelling like a good teacher should!

From Sarah:
Dear Niki, How are you and how is your life? The reason I wrote this letter is to tell you I love you. I will miss you ssssso much and you are the best Bible teacher and you are the best friend of ours. If we go to Kampala tomorrow I will miss you a lot.
(And on the envelope) I will miss you. I won't leave you. You are my Bible teacher. Bye bye Nick. I will go and I will not come back forever and ever. I am vvvvery sorry, please forgive me.

From Mary:
Dear Niki this is Mary your student. The reason why I have wrote this letter is to tell you that I will miss you and I will miss you so much ever. I didn't want to leave you but my mother she is the one who said we are going to Kampala. I didn't want to leave your Bible studying because it is so so good. I promise you I will never and never leave Jehovah because he is the only and only who can help us in our problems. And I will never leave the Bible studying. I will miss you Niki. bye bye. I love you.
Sarah and Mary after a recent study with a list of questions they wanted to know answers to. Please pray for them and all the people affected by the war in South Sudan.