Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Final Days...

Our amazing congregation in Uganda had a wonderful farewell party in our honor. What a joy it's been to serve alongside some of the best most zealous people we've been privileged to meet. Jehovah has surely blessed us with lifelong friends. Here are some of the highlights that will be forever etched in out hearts.

Even though we are under 50 publishers we often have over 100 at the meetings. 

Definitely some of my favorite human beings... 

Being away in Uganda was really difficult at times because of how much I missed my family and friends in the states. So for fun and health reasons I flew home early and surprised them all! There were lots of tears and everyone was genuinely shocked! Steven is just finishing a few things up in Uganda then he'll be on his way to join me. We'll have less to write about for awhile, but I'll try to do some updates if anything exciting happens. That's a wrap!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Complete What You Started...

It's with heavy hearts and teary eyes that we announce our departure from Uganda. Soon we will be packing up, saying goodbyes, and moving on. Being here has been life changing. This experience and these people will be memories we forever cherish. 

But but why?

This has been some of the best times in our life. But it's not exactly easy...We came to Uganda with the goal of 1 year. Well, a year came and went! After that the goal was to make it as long as we could with the money we have in had in the bank and energy we had in our tank. Both, especially the second, are running almost empty, but just enough to be excited for what's next. We made it almost 2 years, and when we reflect on that we are overjoyed.

Because of health reasons in the past, our dream of serving in a foreign country seemed to be unreachable. However with Jehovah's help and a few changes I was able to make almost a full recovery. Thus we revisited that goal of foreign service. Still, honest evaluation on our part was important to know whether it was the wisest choice. But we knew Jehovah was leading us this way. Plus we would always regret it if we didn't at least tryNow here we are. We survived! We did it!

2 Corinthians 8:11,12 says "So now, also complete what you started to do, so that your readiness to act may be completed according to the means you have available...For if the readiness is there first, it is especially acceptable according to what a person has, not according to what a person does not have." We feel we have give what have for now to this assignment, and completed what we started. As painful as it is to say goodbye, we know it's time to move on. So we bow out gracefully and wave goodbye as the curtain closes on this act. We're leaving Uganda, but the journey isn't over. 

What's next?

A sister who formerly served in Uganda said something truly encouraging when we told her we're leaving. She said "Pass the baton, rest up, and get ready for the next race." And that's what we shall do. Starting over is a little scary because we have no jobs, home, car, and very little possessions. But our hope is to begin again with a simple life in Florida, probably Jacksonville, or where we can find jobs. We'll ask for recommendations for a new congregation where there is a need, and continue to pioneer. We will save some money and rest up. Then our goal, Jehovah willing, is to apply for the "School for Kingdom Evangelizers". As we look to the future we are not opposed to going to another country even. Wherever Jehovah God see's fit, we trust his guidance and the decisions made by those he has put in that authority. Who knows, maybe we will come back to Africa?! 

Along the way we have learned so much, it's hard to put in to words. No doubt we've learned more and changed in ways we haven't even grasped yet. One of the most important lessons was this: Be modest, but don't be afraid to DREAM BIG. Jehovah will help you reach your spiritual goals. And if you believe you can do something, and you believe Jehovah will help, you are halfway there. Whatever your obstacles are you can overcome them, or adjust your goals to accommodate them. There are no perfect circumstances, but if you have the desire and faithfully rely on Jehovah God you can do things you thought impossible. (Mark 9:23)

Thanks must be said to those who supported us along the way. Loving comments, financial support, care packages, and most of all prayers kept us going.Thank you so much to everyone who helped us in anyway. We really love you. Our congregation here in Mbarara has been probably the best congregation we have ever known. The zeal, faith and love of the local friends, need greaters, and missionaries is inspiring and unforgettable. We have gained forever friends. It is like a hole in heart kind of painful to say goodbye to them. So we won't say that, just see you later and love you lots.

We'll be in Uganda a little while longer, so stay tuned for some photos of our last days here. As always thanks for reading...

We love you Uganda.