Thursday, June 16, 2016

Facts and Figures

"The harvest is great, the workers are few..." (Matthew 9:37) Per the 2016 yearbook, there is 1 Witness for every 6,737 people and a 6% increase in Uganda. The increase has been at a steady 6% to 8% for many years, so the truth is spreading. Still with the ratio we see there is MUCH work to be done.

Where we live, Mbarara, it's been estimated that there is 1 Witness for every 25,000. In one year we have seen with our own eyes the incredible increase of 11 new publishers in the English congregation! We are surrounded with unassigned and seldom worked areas that are untouched or rarely preached in. It's been exciting to be a part of the "Macedonia campaign" once again this year as we set out to some of those seldom worked territories for June and July. The people there eagerly welcome us. Many are searching to know the Bible, and they often ask sincere questions. Commonly they want to know how their prayers can be heard by God. Unfortunately they have been taught that they need others like priest and pastors to pray for them, and at a cost. We hear people say all the time, that the church tells them "no coins, paper money only". It's just sad, because not only should you never charge money for a prayer, but these people have very little to give. Needless to say, they light up with joy when they learn how to pray for themselves and that Jehovah God is the hearer of their prayers! 

Recently we had assembly here and 3 from our congregation were baptized. Also, a family that Steven and I have been studying with attended their first assembly! 

We love these people and they love Jehovah. Their future is bright! They even built a little kingdom hall in their yard complete with a pretend microphone! 

Our 3 new brothers!

That's a quick update on our lives here. We miss you all back in the states and think of you often. You are in our prayers. 
With <3 from Uganda!