Monday, February 8, 2016

8 Months in Uganda!?

The last few weeks have been swift! We had a brilliant assembly entitled “Imitate Jehovah” here in Mbarara with an attendance of over 400. All warmly welcomed 5 friends to the best way of life as they got baptized. As a member of the first aid team, I'm thankful for a perfect view of the baptism pool! I basically just stand around in case someone slips and bust their head. Thankfully no head busting occurred.

A real blessing from Jehovah was the special meeting for the pioneers in our congregation. We enjoyed an encouraging program that felt as if it were specifically prepared by Jehovah God himself. Being with our fellow pioneers, some excellent balanced spiritual people, lifts us up and keeps us going. As you can see we are mostly foreigners. Yasu and Hiroshi from Japan are pictured here. (There are other Japanese as well, but they have gone home for a few months to work.) To the delight of all, Harry and Lydia just came back from working in the UK. The 6 of us all live on the same compound together. Plus Derek and Jennifer live about 2 minutes away on foot, so we all enjoy that advantage of being close. Then of course we have our beautiful Ugandan sisters Barbara and Kossi. Here we are on our compound under the mango tree. Afterward we hosted a nice dinner, shared stories and played some Bible games.

Hard-work in the ministry has paid off lately. We’ve enjoyed some excellent Bible studies, and heart-warming experiences. But we won’t share them on our blog now. BECAUSE...Steven and I are coming home in just 1 week!!! So we will share it all in person with those of you in Florida! On Friday, February 26 @ 7 pm Steven and I will be presenting a special 1 hour program at the Kingdom Hall Of Jehovah’s Witnesses (4228 Emerson St. Jacksonville FL, 32207). There will be a slideshow, information about Uganda, and we will share some experiences from life and the ministry here. Everyone is welcomed, and of course as all programs at the Kingdom Hall, it’s free. After 8 months we are eager to see our loved ones for a few weeks! Our taste buds and stomachs are also longing for some good eating. Chipotle is calling us... See ya soon Florida peps! Tell the weather to stay cool for us!