Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Into The Mountains...

In the great winding Rwenzori mountains of Uganda near the boarder of Congo we set out to reach two remote groups of Jehovah's Witnesses. Along the 6 hour arduous journey from our home in Mbarara, we caught site of some of the captivating wonders of creation. We climbed up and dipped down the nearly untouched mountains like a roller-coaster. From our view few sites are as beautiful, especially when you come from the flat US state of Florida.
Rwenzori Mountains- towering almost 17,000 feet into the sky.

The first group met in a modest school house in a district called Bundibugyo. Small children peeked through the wooden beams and makeshift windows studying our mysterious white faces. After some persistent hand-calling they shyly shuffled in to hear Steven deliver the talk.  

The second group in Bugado gathered together in a simple mud Kingdom Hall. By this time the sun grew strong and our bodies grew weary. Sleep was tempting, just to close our eyes a few minutes... However the effort to keep ourselves upright on the rickety wooden benches was enough to keep us from dozing off.

These kind friends warmly welcomed us with love and appreciation. We went there to encourage them, but we came away feeling so encouraged ourselves. The effort, expense, and sometimes risks they take to show their love for God remind us of the important words of Jesus at Matthew 19:26 "with God all things are possible".

Well, our trip into these jungle like mountains was one of the most exhausting days we've had. We left feeling totally beat and sapped of all physical, emotional, and mental energy.  When almost everything around you is unfamiliar your brain is in overdrive just trying to process it all. But the feeling that follows (at least the next day when we've somewhat recovered) it's euphoric! That kind of joy stays with you forever. Needless to say this adventure goes down in history as one we won't forget. Everyday in Uganda is like on the job training. We're learning precious lessons and gaining lasting memories. We know we can't do this forever, but until it's over we're grateful for each moment.

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Best Feeling Ever...

It’s rewarding to be back into our routine in Uganda! Things quickly became terrifically busy for us. We feel as if our feet haven’t touched the ground, although our tired feet would hastily disagree. March 31st we were pleased to commemorate the death of Jesus Christ as millions around the world did. Steven had the responsibility of organizing the program and delivering the memorial talk. It was a bit stressful, but I’m extremely proud of him. He gave a fantastic easy to understand talk. From speaking to many in attendance, I saw it glorified the depth of Jesus sacrifice and increased appreciation for the greatest gift ever given. He was surely glad when it was over though! All together 268 people attended here. We were pleased to have many Bible students present.

We also have our very first visitor to Uganda. Steven’s cousin from South Carolina, Hunter. So far I think we have worn him out a little, because he’s been sleeping LOTS. He’s adapting surprisingly well with little complaint though. Local people are amused and confused by his thick southern accent and even his name “Hunter”. Here names are full of meaning, so everyone is wondering if he’s really a hunter! This week we enjoyed some of Jehovah’s stunning artwork in Uganda together at Lake Mburo National Park. We saw so many animals, even a leapord which is very rare! Steven and I are blessed to live just 1 hour away from this gold mine of rich wildlife and mesmerizingly beautiful landscape. 

Some other exciting news I can report is; I have broken my personal record for number of Bible students. Not that it was my intention, but still I was thrilled by that fact. I once had many in Florida, but most were door-step type studies and brief. Now all my studies are serious sit down students, and all but 2 attend meetings regularly. I have to use my fingers and toes to count them all. It’s overwhelming trying to give them sufficient love and attention. But Jehovah is the boss and I feel him holding my hand tugging me along to each precious student, telling me “You can do it!”. I love these women and girls. I truly feel honored to study with people so hungry for truth and a relationship with God. I had one of my best students tell me Sunday how thankful she is for a personal Bible study. She said "there is nothing better than learning the truth!" The Bible is changing lives in Uganda, and all over the world. There is no joy equal to working with Jehovah God in this life saving work. Every frustration is compensated by a joyous moment, every tear is reimbursed by a hundred smiles, and for every sacrifice there is a blessing.