Thursday, October 27, 2016

Funny Little Stories...

The Widows Jar...
So remember the Bible account of the widow of Zarephath who's jar of flour and jar of oil didn't run out as a miracle from Jehovah God for her faithful obedience? Well we joke a similar thing has happened to us. When I was in the states in February I bought a bottle of this most magnificent shampoo the smells like raspberries. It makes me happy everyday when I get to wash my hair with it. It's a big bottle, but I didn't expect it to last too long since I have long hair and wash it pretty much every day. It's now the end of October, and somehow that shampoo bottle is only half empty after 9 months! And mysteriously it seems to stay half empty... In addition somehow I only used 1 normal sized bottle of contact solution in a whole year, when apparently most people go through a bottle in 2 months!...Next Steven's razors. After a week in Florida they would be too dry to use, but now in a dryer climate,one razor last a month without it wearing out... And one last thing, we have a gas stove top and use it every day. Others have said there gas tank would last 5 months, however by some chance ours lasted 11 months!... 
Have we just learned to be thrifty and live on less? - Maybe. Is it a miracle? - Probably not. But is it funny? - To me, YES! Either way, I have to give Jehovah credit, because perhaps he has given us the wisdom to conserve supplies wisely. (?)

Dogs, Drunks, and Ducks...

One day the missionary sister Jennifer and I were preaching house to house. We came to a big gate. It was my turn so I knocked but I didn't hear anything. We couldn't see what was on the other side except through a small opening. I discreetly peeked in and saw there were about 3 or 4 homes inside. The gate was open, so we decided to enter through the small door, that's maybe 5 feet tall. Well, as soon as I entered 2 big dogs came running at me barking and growling! Jennifer had one foot through when I nearly fell backwards onto her pushing her out the gate!.. I'm not afraid of dogs usually, but I was so surprised my heart hurt! I'm pretty sure you could see it beating. 2 ladies inside the gate saw the whole thing and were laughing hysterically. After they got over my comedic performance, they were receptive to the message and invited us in... again. Thankfully, this time with the dogs restrained. 

The same day we were making a return visit to an interested person. We knocked, but the person we were looking for wasn't around. I went on to give the message to the young woman there. Meanwhile a drunk man with a bottle of local gin stumbled out of the next door.

In his slurred speech he says, "give me a book..." 

Jennifer: "Go up there where the brothers are if you want a book..."

"Ok, we go, I get my shoes," he dizzily mumbles implying he'll go up with us, as he went shuffling back into his house to retrieve his shoes.

Even though we were already distracted by the interruption I continued talking to the girl. 

Before the drunk man could come back out though, Jennifer who was eating an apple by the way, devised a master plan.

She shouts to me, "Hurry! Run!". 

She throws her apple core and takes off! Already on edge, I follow her running as the drunk guy struggles to go after us. He gave up and returned disappointed, but not really, to his bottle of gin. We weren't necessarily in danger physically. More like in danger of wasting time and energy with someone half conscience. He can have a book when he sobers up.

About 2 hours later the next "attack" befalls us... Upon finishing a Bible study, my student Doreen was walking us to the car. Nearby her job there is a lake, so there are always lots of birds hanging around. If anyone reading this knows me well, you know I am truly afraid of birds...that's whole other story... Well, the birds never bothered me there before... till this funny day of unfortunate events. Out of nowhere, 2 ducks come waddling with a fury, honking there little bills' off at us! Literally they looked like they were "attack ducks"! As they head straight for us I scream and run off along with Doreen! Jennifer came to the rescue though! With her umbrella she pushes them off threatening a beat-down. Whew! Ones heart can only take so much in a day! In the end, despite the attack of the 3 D's, we managed to have a wonderful, and memorable day in the ministry. -The End-

Before I go, here are a few highlights from our Convention here in Mbarara which took place on September 18th and 19th! 

Even though the official language of Uganda is English and many people speak it, our convention is held in the local language in Mbabara. It's a great benefit for those who don't understand English as well. In times past we had a tent of English translation. However we're always packed tightly and a lot of the program is lost in translation. What a loving new arrangement we now have! A separate English program played from a recording of the English convention in New York! It ran simultaneously as the local language program! 

With my lovely Bible students Prisca & Mary.

As usual, a child on my lap.

Our sweet family of 9, ever faithful at their 3rd assembly.