Friday, July 24, 2015

Faithful Men- By Niki

   In the states and other developed countries it seems most men are driven to work work work, concentrating on their careers and the pursuit of material things. Many of the men in Uganda seem to be different. So many in our congregation are very zealous and set wonderful examples in taking the lead in their families and the preaching work. Although they are very busy, it's inspiring how they take and make the time for spiritual things. It's also interesting to see the many men we come across in our ministry that seem to have a deep spiritual inclination and a hungry curiosity for the Bible and God. Steven has many Bible studies with such men. It's so encouraging to see how well they prepare their lessons and to hear their very heartfelt comments and expression. They always have many questions which is a clear indication of their motive and desire. We can learn so much from these men. Live for God, not money and you'll never be poor.

A group of faithful brothers saying a prayer before engaging in the ministry.


  1. Hi guys!!! This is Chris and Sheena Bari. Your journey is so inspiring!! (Started reading from the first post). We are starting to plan to increase our ministry (hopefully do need greating) Thank you for documenting this journey!!

    1. Hi Chris and Sheena! So nice to hear from you :) How are things for you? Thank you for your nice comments. We are so happy you've enjoyed reading our blog. We hope you can try need greating! Jehovah will surely bless your desire and efforts.