Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Trip #2 to Kabale By Niki with Photos By Steven

 Last week was simply splendid. We traveled west to Kabale, Uganda for our second time. This time we came early so we could help deliver some parts on the meeting in the tiny congregation. The congregation of about 20 people use the Runyankore ( jw.org/nyn/ ). Most everyone there speak and understand English, so whenever they get visitors there is the option to give meeting parts in English or in Runyankore. For us, we know very little of the language so Steven gave a part on Thursday and the Sunday discourse in English. The friends seemed to really enjoy it, and the local brothers were happy to have a break. For me, I got very brave and assisted my missionary friend Andrea with a demonstration Thursday in the local language! I said very little because I know as much as a toddler, but I tried! Here is a clip below…

  Andrea and her husband Clinton are amazing! Being with them was one of the best times we have had in Uganda. We admire their zeal and determination so much. There are several foreigners from European countries or the states in Kabale, but very few if any have bothered to learn Runyankore. It’s a very difficult language, but with Jehovah’s help Clint and Andi (who come from Ohio) are fluent after just a few years. Even though many people understand English, often Runyankore is the language of their heart. Knowing even just a little builds a bridge between us and them. The effect on the people is incredible, and those two really stand out in the community. The weekend filled us up with joy! A definite highlight was the ministry. Since rowdy elections were taking place in town we traveled up the mountains and went in the ministry around lake Bunyonyi. Some people there have never been reached with the good news, so the response was wonderful and the territory was magnificently beautiful. The sun sparkled across glistening water with miles of mountain range to set the backdrop.
Our ministry troop Saturday. Humphrey a special pioneer brother, Clint & Andi missionaries, a the zealous local pioneer Jolly!

Teaching people in the mountains, picking up lots of children on the way.

As part of our 9 year anniversary celebration we spent a day at the lake together.

Tomorrow November 18th, we will be married for 9 years. Every year gets better. We are two very different people with nearly opposite personalities, but somehow so well matched. Moving to Africa has strengthened our bond. We both made this goal before we even met, so to achieve it together is so fulfilling. Husband and wife, partners, and best friends.

We took a boat ride to some islands and hiked to the peeks. 

Ya know just playing pool with donkeys...

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