Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Feels Like Home- By Niki

We now feel sorta like Africans. It's taken 8 weeks, but we really feel comfortable and adjusted now. Having our own home has greatly improved our level of contentment. Also being out in the ministry so much has been the perfect way for us learn how to get around. I taught Steven one of my short cuts the other day and I felt so proud :) We mostly get around on foot because the roads can be difficult to drive on. Definitely getting a lot exercise which justifies our eating whatever we want... Ha! Not that there is much bad food to eat, if we want it I usually have to make it, which is not nearly as fun. There are some good restaurants around though. They serve more than just local food, and two places in my opinion have mastered the French fry, which Africans call chips.

Example: Steven was loving this T-bone steak w/ lots of mash potatoes for $6 US!

Mostly we cook at home. The quality and price of fresh organic produce is amazing. 3 avocados for about .30 cents, or 10 tomatoes for the same price. A big juicy pineapple is about .60 cents. So it's easy to eat good. We make avocado salad with tomatoes and onions regularly, very refreshing and nutritious. Steven actually does all of the shopping! He's not easily intimidated, so he can really get a bargain. He also has established friendships in the market. He puts on the charm, calling everyone "my friend". So we get local prices not foreigner price which is maybe 3x more. He even has some Bible studies at the market. You can talk to everyone about the Bible. One day I went with him to the larger grocery store where we buy like cereal and other boxed food. I heard one of the police security guards shout to him "hey Jehovah!" Ha ha! Steven is well known, for who he represents. So if you were wondering why I send him to shop, now you know. Life is simple, but everything takes a long time. For instance once Steven gets home with all the produce, it's my turn to clean it all. It literally comes right out of the ground to market so it's quite dirty. Plus organic here means bugs and parasites us foreigners will get very sick from. So we have to scrub it, soak in a solution and then rinse it with boiled or filtered water. Same goes for the eggs. Very time consuming, but necessary.

We feel very grateful to be here. It's a blessing to have our home finally complete, so we have a place to rest and enjoy. It was a very difficult task, given the very limited options. Can't just run up to home depot to get supplies. We are happy with how it all turned out though, and well we only pay a little over $100 a month for a pretty big place! Here are so pictures of the results.

Office/soon to be guest room. Now and before.

Bathroom. Now and before. Everything was replaced. Tile, toilet, sink, shower- for good reason!

Kitchen. Now and before. Some huge improvements here. It didn't even have a hook up for the oven, fridge, or washer. Like not even wires in the wall, so we had to run a wire through the kitchen all the way down the hallway. 

Sitting room. Now and before. We did it all ourselves. The locals were very surprised when they saw us painting and working, especially me. Women do not do that type of work here. Thankfully I thought ahead of time to bring some curtains and the light fixture lantern. Love our happy blue.

And our bedroom. Now and Before. 

Visitors are welcomed!!! We would love to have some come and enjoy the wonderful life in Uganda. We will give you a comfy place to stay, and show you a fun time! It's also very cheap to live here, if anyone is interested in coming to preach for an extended period of time. We can try to answer any questions you have, and help get you set up. We REALLY NEED the help here. 


  1. What an amazing transformation and invitation!!

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  3. Hi Nikki, My husband and I are going to Uganda in the middle of next year for around two months to see if we would like to move there as need greaters.We were wondering if we could ask you some questions about it as we dont know anyone personally who has gone there? Warm Christian love, Steing and Laura- Australia