Monday, September 21, 2015

Imitate Jesus! Convention 2015

It was highly anticipated, long awaited, and now we are elated that we finally attended the "Imitate Jesus" convention in Kampala, Uganda! 1 of thousands held all over the world this year. The spiritual banquet was well prepared and thoroughly enjoyed by the peak attendance of 9,000 plus. We met so many new friends, and were so built up and encouraged by the information presented. We have many exciting stories to tell, and we'll tell them the most fun way- by pictures!

These wonderful people are Sudanese refugees from our congregation. They are all young ones who have been through too much, yet they faithfully attend meetings and are a big part of the congregation. With no pushing from parents or anyone else, each of them has shown great faith and love for Jehovah. They are amazing examples of zeal and endurance. They deserved to go to the convention, but initially did not have the funds. The financial situation in Sudan is terrible, and the value of their currency is extremely low. When we found out they were unable to attend the convention, it disturbed me so deeply. I spent night after night beseeching Jehovah, tearfully pleading their case, and asking for the right attitude. Then an answer came. After explaining the situation to some family in the states. I asked not for money, but just prayers. Pray they did, but they did even more. The very next day to our surprise a collection of generous, loving brothers and sisters raised enough money for all of the Sudanese to attend the convention!!! We were stunned and deeply grateful by the love shown. We can't tell you enough how appreciative these young ones were for the opportunity. All of them enjoyed the convention tremendously. They are all working on personal letters to tell how they benefited. THANK YOU from the bottom of all our hearts to those who generously donated. You have changed lives forever! 

Our very special visitor Mark Sanderson from the governing body of Jehovah's Witnesses bestowed another great blessing. The release of the New World Translation Bible in Luganda! What a beautiful moment! Lots of tears from those appreciative friends who can finally read God's Word in the language of their heart. 

The Bible in Luganda. The stadium was split into 2 sides. A side for the talks to be given in Luganda, and a side for English. 

 With missionaries from the States and our lovely Japanese friends from Mbarara. 

Beautiful friends from Japan, Switzerland and Denmark. This family from Denmark were so encouraging. As husband and wife they were in Uganda several years, then surprise, a baby! They returned home, but came back to Uganda when they're son was 6 years old. Now he is 8 and they are happily serving as a family in Kampala. 

Spiritually fat!

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