Thursday, September 10, 2015

Interesting Facts About Life In Uganda- By Niki

It goes without saying, we have a lot more to learn about Uganda. However in the past 3 months we've really tried to emerge ourselves in the culture. Thus, we have been delighted, surprised, amused, and confused by what we have learned so far. Up to this point we can share the following... 

1. Ugandans are sharp dressers! Most women wear dresses, skirts or trousers with nice blouses. The majority of men wear button up shirts, or polo's with dress pants and professional looking shoes. Even though many don't have a lot of money they arrive in style; looking neat and smart. A lot of clothing comes in from the US and Europe and is resold. There are some very cheap second hand re-sellers around. As a result, you see people with some pretty hilarious t-shirts, and they have no idea what they mean. Everything from "Sea Turtle Club of South Beach" to batman, to the playboy bunny! (Ok so, that's not so sharp.) 

2. As we have seen so far for most of the local languages the greetings are questions. Like instead of saying "Good morning", they say what's translated to mean "How was the night?" So often when we just say hello to passersby they reply "I'm fine."

3. There is no summer, fall, winter, spring. Just the rainy season and the dry. Here in Mbarara year round it's never hotter than about 80 degrees (F). A definite perk!

4. In our English congregation we do not use the standard Watchtower magazine for Sunday study. We use the simplified version only.

5. The kids go to school A LOT. Most 7 days a week, starting as early as 7 am and going to 5 pm. And there is no school bus, so most walk to and from school several miles a day. Yet in our congregation we have over 25 children who are regular at meetings. You can find them popping in a few minutes late dressed in their school uniforms with their backpacks and books on Wednesday night. I really admire their integrity and zeal. I never hear any complaints either!

6. There are a copious amount of Indian people. Many are well-known business owners. 

7. They have packaged cheese marked mozzarella, cheddar, feta, gouda, and so on. It all taste exactly the same except more or less salty, and it's not very good. We miss cheese. 

8. Ugandans are very social people. We are welcomed into homes often, especially when they know we are there to talk from the Bible.

Plus this week in photos...

Teaching some young ones in a village God's name Jehovah. 

Stopping to smell the flowers in the ministry with Mary. 

Some zealous boys arriving early for the meeting Sunday. 

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