Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Are Your Feet Wet?

Based on Joshua chapter 3. How could millions of Israelites cross the Jordan River when it was at flood stage? Jehovah God told Joshua to command the priests to “stand still in the Jordan.” God promised: “and as soon as the soles of the feet of the priests carrying the Ark of Jehovah, touch the waters of the Jordan, the waters of the Jordan flowing from upstream will be halted and they will stand still like a dam..” (Joshua 3:8,13) Today there will be Jordans like obstacles in life that can hold us back from doing more for God in theocratic service. For example; financial struggles, lack of desire, and limited energy. But like those priests carrying the ark; If we display faith, take the first step, and get our feet wet, Jehovah will help us cross the "Jordans". Blessings are waiting on the other side. So have faith, take the first step, and get your feet wet!  

That was a small clip of the talk Steven gave to accompany the slide show we did last Friday. We were touched and pleasantly surprised to see so many attend the program! People came from other cities and many surrounding areas, and Steven's grandparents Tom and Becky kindly drove all the way from South Carolina to Florida with two lovely friends Diane and Ruth. We could really feel the love and were elated to see this blog and our adventures in Uganda have been encouraging. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for you ones who have shown us unerring love and support. It is like a powerful medicine the gives us the energy and desire to continue.

With Steven's Grandparents

Serving where the need is greater has been one of the best choices Steven and I have made spirituality. It has by far been the most educational and enlightening life experience we've had. Jehovah God made us with a colorful array of diversity in culture and character. Instead of working against the differences, in expanding our ministry to serve in Africa; Jehovah has helped us to become more appreciative of the differences. When we appreciate, we don't discriminate. It opens our heart more to love, assist, and forgive. That’s something I hope and pray follows us wherever we go in life and on this earth in the future. And I hope by reading this all of you can also look for ways to grow in the same appreciation and prospective. 

If you can make the circumstances please consider expanding your ministry. There are so many ways to do so in your current area and home country. And if you have the circumstances to serve in another country, do it! When choosing a place please consider not just the beauty of the landscape, tasty food, and a modern lifestyle; but do research to see where the need is really great. That way your time spent will be the best use of your time, where you can help the most people come to love God and bolster and build up those who already do. And whatever your goals may be we urge you- have faith, take the first step, get your feet wet... and watch!  


  1. What great, encouraging words and exhortation, thank you! We are looking to getting our feet wet soon.

    I wish we could have come to see the slideshow and hear the talk! Good to see Grandma and Grandpa Brigman could come - they are in a neighboring congregation in our city.

    Keep up the great work guys.

    1. Thank you Vincent. We're excited to hear about your assignment this summer. Btw this is Grandma and Grandpa Flucher, Julie'a parents. Hunter Fulcher (Julie's brother's son) flew back with me. we just arrived yesterday!