Thursday, March 24, 2016

Getting Good At Saying Good-Bye...

...because "see you soon" just doesn't seem to cut it when you live thousands of miles away. Spending time back in the states recharged our fervor. The love we were shown invigorated us mentally to return to Uganda with extra zeal and enthusiasm. Thank you so very much to everyone who showed us hospitality and gave encouragement. Words could never cover how grateful we are for the incredible people we have it our lives. Seriously, we love you. Special thanks go to those who made an extra sacrifice and gave us a comfortable place to stay and great company. Here are some highlights. Let me just say, most family pictures are of my family and not Steven's. Of course we love his family too, but I have a really giant close family and stayed 11 days longer than Steven! Also didn't get pictures of all our special people, but you know who you are :) and we took mental photos.                     
Some of our great blessings; my siblings, spouses, my beautiful niece, dad and step-mom.

All 6 of us siblings in order oldest to youngest with mom in the middle.

                  Went to the wedding of our good friends Josh and Clarissa. We also enjoyed lots of good food, including this yummy pie, made by mom and equally loved by my grandma.
Of course snuggle time with my nieces was important as well as ministry with these beautiful women I'm honored to call family.
 With my pretend niece/lil sister Emma...point is I love her. She made this lovely print out about herself to give to some young girls in Uganda. And we also went to Disney and met up with our friend Chewbacca.

We are so so sorry if we missed you on this trip. We just could not get to everyone. As it is we came back to Uganda exhausted! Even though we loved being in the states and it was necessary, we are grateful to be back. Being away even a short time made us realize how much we love it and how valuable the work we're doing in Uganda is to us. Also, we've really grown to love the simplicity of life here. One day we will return to the states, and we have so many people to go back to, but for now this is HOME.

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