Sunday, June 28, 2015

"Step Over Into Macedonia" By Niki

   After journeying near and far the apostle Paul wanted to know where he should preach and teach next. A message from God came “step over into Macedonia”. -Acts 16:9. With that in mind every year here in Uganda and across Africa Jehovah's Witnesses engage in what we call “Macedonia campaigns”. On Saturdays during the summer special efforts are made to visit more remote towns and villages to teach the people there.

  What a blessing it was to be a part of it for our first time! The people were hungry for spiritual truths, which made it a true honor to take part in feeding them Bible knowledge. Many children followed us curiously butting-in on each new conversation. “More books! More books! More books plllllease?!” Their mismatched tattered clothes and dusty bear-feet were reminders of how much these people need hope of something better.

  The message of God's kingdom and it's blessing brought light to their eyes and a smile to their faces. Their reaction in turn, brings added energy to our steps and great purpose to our lives. Despite the challenges life in a developing country pose, these things make it all worth it.   

Lovely local sisters we had the privilege of working with.

New friends =)


  1. How is the response going - seeing that you both are a novelty in the area? Tim & Ellie

    1. The response is AMAZING! You start talking about paradise and you attract a crowd... show a video and you got people of all ages shoving to get a look at the screen. :)

  2. Your cousin Julie pointed me your way; we are just about to get started with the early part of our journey. We would love to touch base with you guys and get some advice.